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3 Key Tips When Putting A Fire Suppression System In Your Commercial Building

Fires can be devastating to your business, but you can plan for them ahead of time by equipping a fire suppression system in your building. These systems can put out fires quickly before they have any time to spread. To ensure your fire suppression system works out perfectly over the years, keep these tips in mind. 

1. Opt For an Automated Design 

When a fire breaks out in a commercial building, there isn't much time to decide what to do. The fire needs to be controlled immediately before it spreads to other areas and becomes deadly. For an immediate response, you need to make sure your fire suppression system has an automated design.

As soon as fire is detected in the area, the system will respond instantly by apply specialized fire suppressant chemicals. You'll pay more for an automated system, but these extra costs are worth having ample protection for your building and everyone inside. 

2. Assess Property for Fire-Related Threats 

For your fire suppression system to be effective at putting out fires, it needs to be placed in the right area or areas. Before you proceed with the installation, take some time to assess your property. Think about what areas in your commercial building would pose the greatest risks of a fire breaking out. 

Often, this will be near major electrical components. Electrical fires can spread quickly, which warrants a fire suppression system nearby. If you're having a hard time deciding what the best location is for your system, you can always consult with the manufacturer directly and see what they recommend.

3. Have System Professionally Installed 

No matter what type of fire suppression system you choose for your commercial space, it should always be installed by a professional company. Otherwise, you risk having a faulty system that doesn't do what it's supposed to when fires occur.

When looking for an installation company, make sure they're familiar with the fire suppression system you have. This will help the installation get completed much more quickly and safely. It's also important to ensure the installation company you hire is licensed and has insurance. These credentials give you added security and let you know the company is legitimate. 

Fire suppression systems are such an important resource your commercial building needs to combat fires. If you take your time finding the right model and ensure it's set up correctly, your system can effectively prevent damage and accidents caused by fires. For more information, contact a company like Echo Fire Protection.

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