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Steps For Responding To A Wild Animal Call As A Security Guard

One of the more unusual calls that you might get when you work as an armed security guard is a call to deal with a wild animal that is nearby. While someone should also call the local animal control department, the reality is that you're on the scene and the responsibility for dealing with the animal falls on your shoulders. You might have some training in this type of task or it may be completely new to you. Either way, you'll want to take a multi-step approach to ensure the safety of those around you. Here are some steps for dealing with this challenging scenario.

Assess The Risk

Assessing the risk is always one of your first priorities when you receive a security call, and a call for a wild animal is no different. Wild animal calls can vary dramatically — you might get a call because a squirrel is inside a building, or you might get called because a bear is in the parking lot. A thorough risk assessment will help you to know how you should proceed. For example, if the animal poses a significant threat to you and those around you, getting into a safe area should be your top priority. Even if you're keen on saving the day, you need to realize that the average person cannot do anything against a bear, even with your service weapon.

Control The People

As an armed security guard, your primary job is the protection of those around whom you work. After you've assessed the risk that the wild animal poses, determine the best way to keep anyone in the area safe. Ensure that no one gets close to the animal and that those who are too close back away safely. Use whatever means at your disposal to separate the people from the animal. For example, tell everyone to enter a building if there's a threat in the parking lot or have people go into a specific room if there's a threat indoors.

Attempt To Confine The Animal

Do your best to confine the animal however you can. The approach that you take depends largely on the circumstances. For example, if there's a medium-sized animal in a yard, you may be able to close the gate to keep the animal contained until an animal control officer arrives. In the case of an animal indoors, isolating it in an empty room and then shutting the door can keep it apart from those you're trying to protect. When the animal control officer arrives, you can play an assisting role in ending the threat.

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Steps For Responding To A Wild Animal Call As A Security Guard

One of the more unusual calls that you might get when you work as an armed security guard is a call to deal with a …

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