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Modern Day Pirates And The Need For Maritime Security

Pirates are not just seventeenth- and eighteenth-century maritime criminals. Nope, there are still pirates on the waters today. They sail and patrol, looking for smaller boats to attack and board.

Generally, they plunder, but they may also rape and kill. In fact, modern-day pirates are worse than Blackbeard himself because these pirates have semi-automatic weapons and they will steal everything from fish and fishing boats to valuable cargo. Worse still, some pirates are bold enough to come ashore and steal things off of shipping docks. If you want to protect yourself, your boat, and/or your cargo, here is what you can do.

Hire Maritime Security Guards

These maritime security guards are former soldiers, or soldiers-for-hire. They can and will patrol your docks and ride in your boat to ward off pirates. They arrive on shift fully geared-up for battle, carrying weapons of their own. Yes, they cost a lot, but they cost less to hire than all of your stolen cargo, stolen boats, and destroyed lives. Pirates think twice when they see guarded docks and guarded boats. 

Install Special Security Cameras

Security cameras that channel their recordings into live feeds to coast guards with the push of a button results in a silent distress alarm to which coast guards respond. If pirates are not attacking your boat, the security cameras on  the docks will capture images of the brazen pirates' faces. Once the cameras produce mug shots, then these images are given or broadcast to everyone piloting a boat through pirate waters. Boat owners can be on guard and ready to shoot when they spot some of the pirates' recognizable faces coming toward them.

Additionally, coast guard patrols can see from the security camera shots what the local pirates look like. This helps the coast guard officers arrest and/or shoot the correct individuals without arresting or shooting boat owners. The pictures and images also help on the docks, where it could become very confusing in regards to who is a dock hand and who is a pirate.

Mobile Apps for Security Alerts

Finally, be sure to install a mobile app, like "Shepherd Shield," on your smartphone and/or tablet. These apps alert you to potential pirate threats if you are working on the docks or you are about to go out on the water. If you are already on the water and the alert reaches you, you can make the call whether to remain out on the water, or head back to the docks with your boat.

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Modern Day Pirates And The Need For Maritime Security

Pirates are not just seventeenth- and eighteenth-century maritime criminals. Nope, there are still pirates on the w…