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Three Benefits Of Hiring Unarmed Security Officers

A lot of people who have property to protect hire security officers. Many of these officers may be armed with guns. If you really have something of value that requires armed guards, perhaps you need an alarm system, security cameras, and more employees in the building watching over it. Unarmed security officers are also an option. There are actually some benefits to hiring unarmed guards.

No One Gets Hurt

The guards will not accidentally shoot themselves or each other. They will not accidentally shoot trespassers, who also may be unarmed. Trespassers cannot steal the guns off of the guards and shoot the guards. No property or person is damaged or injured when guards do not have access to guns.

Reverse Psychology Works

When would-be trespassers and thieves see that guards do not have guns, they take a second to think about why that is. They might draw the conclusion that there is nothing of value on your property. If they think that, then there is no need for guns. The guards just patrol to keep intruders out, and intruders and trespassers decide not to bother with a property that does not appear worth guarding with guns.

There Is Very Limited Risk with Employees Who Snap

If you fire a guard, or a guard is under a lot of stress, the last thing you want is for that person to have a gun. Careful prevention is always better than careless action. When none of the guards have a gun, no one can come back after being fired or having a stressful day and open fire with a company gun. No involvement of a company gun means no lawsuits from families who want to know why guns were even part of the security job in the first place.

Try It for a While and See How It Goes

You could always try having unarmed security guards for a while to see how it goes. You might find that it all works out, and that you can continue to have zero guns on your property. Of course, if you do not like it, or if you experience more problems than you expected, you can always hire armed security guards. There are only a few security guard companies that will lock you into a year contract, so you can easily try the unarmed guards for a few months, and then switch if you would prefer armed guards.

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