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The Benefits Of A Smart Fire Alarm

Along with smart security alarms, smart fire alarms are also becoming very common. At first, it may not immediately seem important: after all, when a fire alarm does go off, shouldn't you just contact emergency services? However, a smart fire alarm can do more than just alert 911 about your fire.

Telling You What the Emergency Is

A smart alarm doesn't just go off; it tells you exactly where the emergency is. A regular fire alarm is going to sound, leaving you to figure out what's going on. A smart alarm will tell you "there's a fire in the kitchen," letting you know that you shouldn't try to go through the kitchen door to get out. A smart alarm will also tell you "there's carbon monoxide detected in the basement," which is also very important: otherwise you might see that there isn't a fire and turn it off.

Letting You Turn It Off

If you're cooking a steak in the kitchen and your fire alarm goes off, you often need to disengage it entirely, reset it, and then put it back. A smart alarm can be silenced through your smartphone or through a simple, easy to push button. You can even preemptively silence your fire alarm for a small amount of time if you're doing something you know is going to cause fire.

This is very important, because in many fatal fires fire departments find out that the fire alarm services wasn't even engaged. Many people turn off the fire alarm when it goes off erroneously and then never put it back.

Integrating With Your Smart Security

Your fire alarm can tell you when it's set off while you're out, giving you time to call 911 even if you're not at home. You can even check in on your house through your security system's cameras to make sure everything is OK or to verify there's a problem. This gives you some significant peace of mind; you never again have to worry that something could have gone wrong with your property.

A smart fire alarm is more than just a fire alarm. It can alert you to many aspects of both smoke and gas poisoning, to ensure that you, your family, and your house is safe. By providing for faster response time and better accuracy, a smart alarm reduces the chances that someone might get seriously injured in your home, or that you might lose your home entirely. 

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