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Things To Watch For When You're On Duty In A College Dorm

Colleges use security officers in a wide range of capacities, from patrolling the campus around the clock to being stationed in certain buildings to control access. In this role, you may find yourself working in a dorm, making you responsible for perhaps several hundred students who live in the building. 

Part of your shift may have you stationed in the lobby to check the IDs of people who are visiting, while you might also patrol throughout the building's hallways and stairwells to ensure that everything is under control. Here are some specific things to watch for during this assignment.

Underage Drinking

It's no surprise that a lot of college students drink, but the consumption of alcohol on campuses can be a big concern. Drinking excessively can lead to many undesired consequences, from health issues such as alcohol poisoning to sexual assault. As a security officer, you need to take a hard line on underage drinking in alignment with the university's policies. As you visit different areas, don't hesitate to ask for the IDs of those who are drinking and take the necessary steps should you identify someone drinking underage.

Fake IDs

Some colleges require guests to sign in before accessing the dorms. This is a valuable practice because it allows security officers to keep a record of who is a guest in the building. Visitors will commonly have to show their identification to the security guard to be signed in. When you're working in this capacity, be vigilant about confirming that the person holding the ID card is indeed the person on the card. Some people may borrow cards from those who look vaguely similar or even use fake IDs. When you allow someone into the dorm with a fake ID, you don't know the person's true identity, and this can be problematic.

Students Where They Shouldn't Be

If you're working in a dorm that houses only one gender of students, there will be specific rules that you need to enforce. Sometimes, students of the opposite gender are allowed to visit during certain hours, and in other cases, they aren't allowed to visit at all. As you conduct your patrols, you'll need to ensure that no students of the opposite gender are present when they aren't supposed to be. You can accomplish this through room checks and simply be listening as you approach different areas, as you may hear voices that don't belong.

For more information on security jobs in your area, check out your local job board. 

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